Fall Engineering Design Celebration

Wednesday, December 13th, 2023 | 2 pm – 7 pm

Clayton Hall, University of Delaware | Newark, DE

The University of Delaware boasts one of the premier engineering design education programs in the country. The 2023 Fall Engineering Design Celebration is a half-day conference that showcases and celebrates our engineering students’ many accomplishments this semester. This year’s celebration features teams of students in the following design categories:

Interdisciplinary Senior Engineering Design

Mechanical Engineering Junior Design

Autonomous Robots Competition

Statics Wooden Bike Frame Challenge

E3 High School Partners


Overview Schedule


Technical Presentations

Student teams will deliver in-person technical presentations at Clayton Hall. See Design Category below for detailed presentation schedule and room locations.


Interdisciplinary Senior Engineering Design

Interdisciplinary Senior Engineering Design is the capstone design course in the Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Programs. The showcase features final technical presentations and a perpetual project gallery for all 42 of our student teams.

Team # Project Name Sponsor Room # Time
101 Control arm for transcatheter medical device Abbott Room 101B 3:45-4:15
102 Performance evaluation of a new concept firefighting nozzle Air Liquide Room 122 4:45-5:15
103 Optimization of aircraft engine inlet and baffling Andrew Meyer (Engineer, Northrop Grumman) Room 119 2:00-2:30
104 Semiconductor Reticle Turret Simulator ASML Room 124 2:30-3:00
105 Wearable C-Section (Cesarean Section) Healthcare Simulator Avkin Room 101A 3:00-3:30
106 Powder Insulation Removal Process Improvement Bloom Energy Room 124 4:30-5:00
107 Automated Sample Preparation Apparatus Chemours Room 119 4:30-5:00
108 Reusable Sharps Opening Tools/Equipment System Choice MedWaste Room 101A 4:15-4:45
109 Variable Speed Round Baler Pickup CNH Room 124 3:00-3:30
110 Unattended Laser Therapy Delivery Enovis Room 122 5:15-5:45
111 Tribological test system for rotary bearings GGB North America Room 101A 2:00-2:30
112 Sleep Support Sound System Heart Works for Life Room 124 3:30-4:00
113 Compact Mechanical Test Frame for Biomechanics Educational Outreach The Perry Initiative Room 101A 3:45-4:15
114 Automated Cup Staging Keurig Dr Pepper Room 101B 2:00-2:30
115 Assessing Suitability of Skid Frame Designs for Robotic Welding MDavis Room 101B 4:15-4:45
116 Synthetic, Sensor-Embedded Moon Rock Design and Manufacturing for Testing Applications NASA Room 119 5:00-5:30
117 Standard gripper creation for pick and place robotics Norwalt Design Room 119 2:30-3:00
118 Modernizing Piping and Instrumentation for Aerospace Application of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Propulsion Systems Piasecki Aircraft Corporation Room 124 4:00-4:30
119 Design and development of a manually adjustable transmission Stanley Black & Decker, HTAS Division Room 124 5:00-5:30
120 Design and development of math model & fixture to evaluate blade holding force of a slidelock. Stanley Black & Decker, HTAS Division Room 124 5:30-6:00
121 Educational Lab Development for Heat Transfer UD Mechanical Engineering Room 119 5:30-6:00
122 In Field Dynamic Monitoring of Plant Movement UD Plant & Soil Sciences: Erin Sparks Lab Room 120 4:45-5:15
123 A low-cost mobile robot on a center pivot/linear move for precision plant phenotyping and irrigation management UD Plant & Soil Sciences: Yin Bao Lab Room 101B 4:45-5:15
124 Counterweight Rigging Encoder for relaying the position information of flying projection surfaces UD Theatre Dept Room 101B 2:30-3:00
125 Instron Sneaker Fixture Under Armour Room 101A 2:30-3:00
126 Dynamic Flex Test for Cable W.L. Gore Room 124 2:00-2:30
127 Solvent Level Monitoring Waters Corporation Room 101B 3:00-3:30
128 Rotating 360 degree Sports Net/Goal with Locking Function FuGoal LLC Room 120 5:15-5:45
201 Invasive monitoring of arterial blood pressure UD Engineering Driven Health Room 122 3:30-4:00
202 Pediatric Venipuncture Vibration-Assisted Needle Device (VAND) Nemours & Jefferson Room 122 2:00-2:30
203 Pacifier-Based Salivary Lead Tester Nemours & Jefferson Room 122 2:30-3:00
204 Inflatable Lift Device Jenner’s Pond Simpson Community Room 125 2:30-3:00
205 Reusable Tool for Advanced Medical Device Manufacturing Terumo Medical Corporation Room 122 3:00-3:30
206 Fatigue/wear abrasion testing apparatus for prosthetic hook/terminal device. Marins Med LLC Room 125 4:15-4:45
207 Groin Injury Protection UD Athletics Room 125 3:45-4:15
208 Drinking Cup for Palliative Care Patients Groote Schuur Hospital and Heideveld Community Clinic Room 125 2:00-2:30
209 Fatigue Alarm Eyewear Nemours – NICU Room 122 4:15-4:45
210 Low-cost motion capture system to analyze joint kinematics during martial arts. Nemours Room 125 4:45-5:15
211 Drag and Lift Geriatric Lift Device Jenner’s Pond Simpson Community Room 125 3:00-3:30
300 UD Aero SAE UD Mechanical Engineering Pencader 106 4:30-6:00
400 UD Formula SAE UD Mechanical Engineering Pencader 117 4:00-6:00
500 UD DOE Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC) UD Mechanical Engineering Pencader 106 3:00-4:00

Mechanical Engineering Junior Design

Machine Design is a core junior year mechanical engineering design course featuring a real-world manufacturing and automation challenge from two local industry sponsors, Norwalt Design and Omega Design. The showcase features end-of-semester technical presentations for 13 separate student teams at the midpoint of their two-semester project, which involves the design, manufacture, and validation of an autonomous bottle fill station.

TimeTeam IDRoomTeam Members
4:00 - 4:301123Heirkhan Borjigin, Alexander Boulden, Noah Brecht, Michael Clark, Ethan Deutsch, Samuel Ferber, Kyler Grendahl, Nicholas Heinlein, Logan Killen, Byron Myrie
4:30 - 5:002123Hanaa Abdallah, Michael Anderson, Cameron Baines, Justin Farquhar, Patrick Flaherty, Katia Hehn, Christopher Marchioni, Kylie Taylor, Gavin Telfer, Jayden Thomas
3:30 - 4:003120Austin Bainbridge, Anastasia Cassanelli, Kyle Crawford, Nicholas Hodgkiss, Jillian Hoeler, Andrew Kite, Liam Nocella, Carson Snyder, Erick Stranko, Chloe Widmer
3:30 - 4:004121Franklin Alas, Annika Labrador, Cole Schenkman, Hermelis Reyes, Joseph Bockrath, Jacob Munoz, Joseph Rappa, Maclaren Blow, Thomas Mcadoo, Wenzhen Zhang
4:00 - 4:305121Owen Ferrone, Ethan Finnegan, Chase Haywood, Jueun Kang, Zion Lee, Benjamin Minner, Het Himanshu Patel, Camerron Silva, Ryan Thompson, Shawn Yong
4:00 - 4:306120Aisley Bergdoll, Colton Bowie, Marissa Dailey, Brendan Fitzpatrick, David Gelber, Dylan Kampf, Cameron Schmidt, Nathan Venables, Matthew Young
2:30 - 3:007121Amur Al Habsi, Jack Anderson, Owen Conway, Matthew Dapper, Markos Duey, Edward Odonnell, Ryan Robison, Benjamin Royer, Timothy Talbot, Jason Vera
3:00 - 3:308121Nicholas Amato, Turner Brennan, Ryan Cole, Sean Degaetano, Lamar Elam, Mark Foerster, Kimberly Marks, Gavin Redgrave, Benjamin Yaroch, Edward Yu
3:00 - 3:309120Isaac Chandler, Scott DePope, David Esquivel, Alexander Janusz, Ethan Lettieri, Jason Martin, Jacob Merkle, Daniel Rettig, Ryan Schmidt, Tristan Tronto
3:15 - 3:4510119Logan Butler, Peter Jung, Kaan Karatas, Noah Leslie, Connor McCleery, Jared M Peoples, Russell Perdue, Tyler Salmon, Charles Whealton
3:45 - 4:1511119Carissa Bonner, Thomas Bouck, Andrew Bryceland, Kevin Foerster, Samantha Gerhart, Jiro Guillen Kuroki, Sylvia Katz, Amelia Klinger, Nicholas Smith
3:00 - 3:3012123Kenneth Deel, Lauren Desantis, Kaitlyn Dohn, Gaetan Douglas, Joshua Edelson, Aidan Fleischhacker, Megan Leinhauser, Karen Scharpf, Matthew Young
3:30 - 4:0013123Lucas Castle, Jonathan Chellew, Alexander Kenney, Andrew Lancour, Richard Lopez, Adolfo Ortiz-Cruz, David Ruiz-Garcia, Noah Schoeffler, Grace Wiley, Stephanie Yanson

Special thanks to our local industry sponsors, Norwalt Design and Omega Design:

Autonomous Robotics Competition

MEEG 667: Digital Control is a graduate course offered as part of the Master of Science in Robotics (MSR) curriculum. Course content focuses on the analysis and design of control systems in which the digital computer plays a major role. Course topics include discrete system analysis and control, estimation and system identification. As part of this course, students work in teams to build a mobile robot, which they equip with sensors to autonomously follow a track on the floor. They develop sensor-based controllers so that the robot navigates the path autonomously, with no human intervention or prior knowledge of the task. In the final competition the teams deploy their robots and compete for the fastest time in completing the track.

2:30-3:30 p.m. | Pencader 117

Statics Wooden Bike Frame Challenge

MEEG210: Statics is a core course taught in the Sophomore Year in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Course content focuses on designing and analyzing physical objects that remain stationary and support loads, like structures and machines. As part of this course, students work in teams to design and manufacture an all-wood bike frame. They must predict whether the bike frame can support body weight using the theoretical principles from the course. Their calculations are put to the test in a bike race held on the final day of the semester. The race is sponsored by local bike shop, Wooden Wheels Bikes, who supplies the essential components (like wheels!).

This year’s winning bike frame designs will be on display in the lobby of Clayton Hall during the entire Design Celebration on Dec 13th. 

Project Gallery

Special thanks to our local sponsor for this design challenge.

Wooden Wheels

High School Design Showcase

Student teams from local high schools show off their mid-year and end-of-term design projects as part of the UD College of Engineering’s Engineering Education Ecosystem (E3) Program. The showcase features poster presentations and a pitch competition from area high schools.

Poster Presentation & Pitch Competition in the lobby area from 3:30-4 p.m.

Awards Ceremony

Please join us for a live webinar session to celebrate our students’ achievements starting at 6 pm in the Clayton Hall Auditorium (Room 128). This event is open to the public, and students, alumni, friends and family are all welcome.

Senior Design Project Gallery

Browse the Project Gallery below to find out more about our senior design teams, their sponsors, and to watch brief video overviews of their project outcomes. Please note that materials for some teams are restricted due to intellectual-property concerns.


We sincerely thank this year’s senior design sponsors for their support of this program.


Air Liquide

Andrew Meyer (Engineer, Northrop Grumman)



Bloom Energy


Choice MedWaste

CNH Industrial


FuGoal LLC

GGB North America

Groote Schuur Hospital and Heideveld Community Clinic

Heart Works For Life

Jenner’s Pond Simpson Community

Keurig Dr Pepper

Marins Med LLC




Nemours & Jefferson

Norwalt Design


Piasecki Aircraft Corporation

Stanley Black & Decker


The Perry Initiative

Under Armour


Waters Corporation

University of Delaware

  • College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
    • Plant & Soil Sciences: Yin Bao Lab
    • Plant & Soil Sciences: Erin Sparks Lab
  • College of Arts & Sciences
    • Department of Theatre and Dance
  • UD Athletics
  • College of Engineering
    • Institute for Engineering Driven Health
    • Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Advisors

Cristina Archer, PhD

Yin Bao, PhD

Jenni Buckley, PhD

Alex De Rosa, PhD

Joseph Feser, PhD

Jason Gleghorn, PhD

Curtis Johnson, PhD

Julie Karand, PhD

Ashutosh Khandha, PhD

Joseph Kuehl, PhD

Sarah Rooney, PhD

Steve Timmins, PhD

Adam Wickenheiser, PhD

Pierre Yao, PhD

Thank You


Many thanks are in order to the staff members who help our students with technical and logistical issues throughout the course of the semester.

The Design Studio & Student Machine Shop Staff: Whitney Sample, Scott Nelson, Ron Cantrell and Shane McFoy, Also the TAs in the Design Studio and Machine Shop

Administrative Support: : Elaine Nelson, April English, Ann Connor, Jazmyn Curry, Michele Schwander, Pat Fox, Nancy England, Vicky Tosh-Morelli.

We sincerely thank this year’s guest evaluators for their support of this program.