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Graduate Engineering Programs

The College of Engineering is committed to the professional development of graduate students through teaching, research and mentorship. Programs leading to Ph.D. degrees, Master degrees and Graduate Certificates are offered through our seven academic departments; Biomedical, Chemical and Biomolecular, Civil and Environmental, Computer and Information Science, Electrical and Computer, Materials Science, and Mechanical.

In addition, these departments collaborate both internally and across the University on interdisciplinary programs such as Bioinformatics, Biomechanics and Movement Science, Data Science, Disaster Science and Management, Energy and Environmental Policy, Engineering and Public Policy, Microbiology, Ocean Engineering, and Water Science and Policy.

civil engineering equipment

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering graduate program offers seven concentrations.

Scientist at computer

Composite Materials

Lori Pollock leads a class

Computer Science

people in cybersecurity lab


Engineering Public Policy

Engineering & Public Policy

Dr. Jack Puleo is conducting research with several graduate and undergraduate students in Brockonbridge Marsh. His work involves tracking the flow of water through the marsh in extensive detail over a period of several weeks. Pictured: Graduate student Aline Pieterse and PhD student Thijs Lanckriet and Dr. Jack Puleo

Ocean Engineering

Railroad Big Data Conference

Railroad Engineering

Dion Vlachos with student

Renewable Energy Engineering & Policy

Bert Tanner


4+1 Bachelors/Masters Programs

 4+1 Bachelors/Masters Programs are designed to allow well-qualified students the opportunity to earn a Bachelors and Master’s degree within a 5-year period of time, assuming they stay on track with their curriculum.

View 4+1 Programs here.