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The College of Engineering supports many postdoctoral scholars as they advance their professional development.  These short-term research positions are for individuals planning careers in academia, government, or industry.  At the University of Delaware, we are eager to support the postdoctoral scholar to become an independent researcher, gain competency in technical skills, and collaborate with our world class faculty researchers.



Connect with College of Engineering Postdocs

Connect with University of Delaware Postdocs

Mentoring and Advising

College of Engineering

Our goal is to help faculty and postdoctoral scholars in the College of Engineering make the mentoring and advising relationship as productive and positive as possible. This template is designed to help set clear expectations for both the mentor-mentee and assist with clear communication and goal-setting. The tools and/or their mode of use may be tailored to individual situations as desired.

Individualized Development Plans – this document will ideally be used once or twice per year. Detailed instructions are provided with the document. In brief, the postdoc and advisor both fill out the document separately detailing accomplishments since the last meeting, research goals for the upcoming timeframe, personal and professional goals, and feedback. Both parties comment on each other’s documents and create a yearly plan together.

  1. How to use an Individualized Development Plans
  2. Download the Goals and Planning Worksheet
  3. Sample of Completed Goals and Planning Worksheet

Additional Resources

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Post-Doc Video
  • Professional Development Initiatives
  • Research Office
  • Try myIDP to evaluate career options, customize your networking strategy, engage mentors, and implement strategies for skills development
  • Browse STEM postdoc and early career positions using the Pathways To Science Search Engine
  • UD is a member of the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA).  Check out their resources for survival guides, toolkits and more.

Have a suggestion for resources for postdoctoral scholars? Email with your idea.

Exit Interview

College of Engineering postdoctoral scholars who will be moving on from UD are invited to take an exit interview here.  This exit interview provides the opportunity to share observations and experiences during your time at the University.

Toolkits and Workshops

The National Postdoctoral Association Resource Library has many toolkits we recommend viewing.  Toolkits include Career Resources, Diversity, International and Publications.  Please visit their site at:

The College of Engineering will continue the Faculty/Postdoc Mentoring Series for AY21-22.  All faculty and postdocs are welcome.  Early Career faculty mentees and their mentors are particularly encouraged to attend.