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The majority of PhD students in the College of Engineering are offered a 100% tuition waiver and a 100% stipend through their academic department as part of the admission process. Here are some important points to be aware of if/when offered funding:

A fully funded graduate student has their tuition waived typically each Fall and Spring term, stipends are awarded to support living expenses and we cover 87% of graduate students’ healthcare.  

In order to know how stipend offers compare, it’s important to reference area living expenses (housing, food, healthcare costs, taxes, etc.). Students benefit from this comparison not only for living expenses but across a multitude of additional considerations such as:

  • Delaware is a model for environmental restoration and beauty, clean and accessible beaches, cultural options, and proximity to major metropolitan east coast cities.
  • The University of Delaware is the main driver of research expenditures for the entire State, which brings cutting edge research seamlessly into Delaware industries and corporations.
  • Both our technology transfer and our talent pipeline benefit from the size and collaboration of state-wide initiatives. These benefits also apply to the thousands of start-up businesses started by students and alumni thanks to Delaware’s tax status for incorporation alongside the business start-up resources available on campus for our students.

The majority of awards in our College of Engineering are in the form of Research Assistantships, and Teaching Assistantships.  Other forms of funding include tuition scholarships and fellowships, which are awarded on the basis of merit and availability by the department itself or faculty-awarded external sources including:

  • Laird Fellowship
  • Robert W. Gore Fellowship: Since its inception in 2012, thanks to a generous $1 million gift from Robert W. Gore, the Robert Gore fellowships within the College of Engineering have been made available to incoming doctoral students who have displayed strong academic progress. The annual fellowships are awarded at admission and are intended to help new, first-year graduate students support educational and living expenses.

External Funding and Fellowship Opportunities

Graduate College Funding Opportunities

Additional funding opportunities run through the Graduate College of the University of Delaware and include (UD Login required to view.):


Full-time graduate students are eligible to be nominated for the following competitive merit-based financial awards:


Current Students seeking additional funding support can directly apply to the following awards:

Cindy Farino Reyes

Graduate Student Spotlight: Cindy Farino Reyes

As a graduate research assistant in the University of Delaware’s doctoral program in biomedical engineering, Cindy Farino Reyes studies how and why some cancer cells become dormant only to be reactivated months to decades later.

To support Farino Reyes’ research, the Department of Biomedical Engineering nominated her for the Koerner Family Award, which is given to research-oriented engineers to help them complete their doctoral studies while fostering innovation in the field. Farino Reyes was awarded $10,000.

Additional Funding

Graduate financial aid is typically utilized by Masters students, although those with thesis are encouraged to inquire about year-to-year funding availability within their department of interest.