We envision the University of Delaware College of Engineering as the destination for an extraordinary education, transformational research and engaged service. Learn more about how we will reach new heights over the next five years.


We envision the University of Delaware’s College of Engineering as the destination for an extraordinary education, transformational research and engaged service to the state of Delaware and the nation, making the world better today and for generations to come.

We are growing, and so is our impact.


The College of Engineering, a community of scholars driven by discovery and design, is devoted to education, research and socially-responsible innovation. We are committed to generating new knowledge, inspiring invention and pursuing vexing challenges with a much better future in mind. We foster an inclusive and globally-oriented culture aimed at engaging our diverse faculty, staff and students in vertically-integrated education and interdisciplinary research. We seek meaningful connections with partners who extend our reach from campus to the community and to the world at large.

Together, we strive for engineering excellence.


As individuals, we value integrity, compassion, and respect for others as we continuously improve and diligently persevere toward excellence. Professionally, we are energized by curiosity, creativity, a collaborative spirit, technical mastery and constructive dialogue across real and perceived boundaries as we engineer solutions that serve the world.


Culture & Climate: Welcoming, Belonging

Foster welcoming, actively inclusive and collaborative classrooms and workplaces to foster a sense of belonging that helps everyone at the University excel.

People: Innovative, Influential

Cultivate a community of innovative, influential thinkers to expand the success of the College of Engineering and the entire University of Delaware.

Curriculum & Research:
Locally Impactful, Globally Relevant

Be the economic and innovation engine to provide the talent, solutions and expertise that benefit the state of Delaware, the region and communities all over the world.

Infrastructure & Organization:
Student-Centered, Discovery-Driven

Provide student-centered, discovery-driven facilities and operations to advance the mission of the College of Engineering and the University of Delaware.


Intellectual Neighborhoods represent the intersection of our education, research and service expertise; location and partnership opportunities; resources and societal needs. These five areas include:

Together, we can address key global and local challenges.