Engineering Design Celebration

Team Detail

215*: Optimization of in-vivo wireless strain measurement system for a spinal implant in a pig model

Team Members:

David Chester, William Brodowski, Nicholas Finocchiaro, Lexi Anderson, Nikhil Sai

Sponsor: UPenn New Bolton Center

Sponsor Description: 

The overall goal of the Institute for Medical Translation is to promote cooperative interactions among investigators, accelerate and enrich the effectiveness and efficiency of ongoing research, foster new collaborations and new research, and ultimately, translate our research efforts into better and new therapies for unmet clinical needs. The central theme of our activities continues to be "Musculoskeletal Tissue Injury and Repair". It is important to note that our Core is not a "research lab" nor is it a "contract lab or CRO". Rather, it is truly a "multidisciplinary ecosystem" and has emerged as a recognized home for translational research using large animal models across the Penn campus and as a technical and intellectual resource for the broader Philadelphia community and beyond.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Ashutosh Khandha

Presentation Time: 4:30 – 5:00

Room #: Room 123