Engineering Design Celebration

Team Detail

213*: Modification of a wheelchair with dynamic tilt developed for pressure ulcer prevention

Team Members:

Marigrace Ferrill, Grace Burns, Nicole Caiazzo, Margaux Deputy, Kathryn Suter

Sponsor: Christiana Care Occupational Therapy

Sponsor Description: 

To fully realize the potential of new technologies to impact health and improve patient care, Christiana Care’s Health & Technology Innovation Center brings together clinicians and information technology experts to harness emerging technologies and develop unique solutions for delivering the best possible care. Staffed with a team of award-winning software developers, designers and user experience analysts, the center empowers physicians, nurses and other health care professionals with new and disruptive solutions that create a better experience of care and better health.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Ashutosh Khandha

Presentation Time: 4:00 – 4:30

Room #: Room 123