Engineering Design Celebration

Team Detail

212: Design of a minimally invasive retractor for Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion (LLIF) surgery to prevent tissue creep

Team Members:

Edward McGettigan, Abigail McCann, Samuel Freer, Carly McGonagle, Victoria Peterson

Sponsor: Globus Medical Inc.

Sponsor Description: 

Globus Medical, Inc. is a leading musculoskeletal solutions company and is driving significant technological advancements treating a wide range of clinical needs. Patient oriented and surgeon driven, Globus is committed to pioneering safe and reliable products in a variety of spaces. Globus’ single-minded focus on advancing surgery has made it the fastest growing company in the history of orthopedics. Founded in 2003, Globus Medical was traditionally a spinal orthopedic company, however, Globus is quickly growing in the areas of trauma, robotics, and total joint arthroplasty. The research department at Globus Medical focuses on providing data and insights to help surgeons make better decisions, and leverage advancements in R&D.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sarah Rooney

Presentation Time: 4:00 – 4:30

Room #: Room 101A