Engineering Design Celebration

Team Detail

209: Optimization of a portable retractable stethoscope design

Team Members:

Nicole Bizzano, Kevin Khov, Lauren Smith, Robert Rush

Sponsor: ECHO Stethoscope LLC

Sponsor Description: 

HERO Stethoscope is in the business of supporting medical professionals with one of their most valuable tools, the stethoscope, in a compact individualized and personalized way. The compact and portable sleek design will give the user easier access and portability in carrying this life saving assessment device. For over 150 plus years the design of the stethoscope has been that same with some changes to the colors, materials, sound quality and electronic models as well. We are looking to go totally battery-less on this flagship model, to maintain that true emergency use device. HERO Stethoscope has focused on other user attributes such as longer, more flexible tubing to decrease the risk of infection and exposure to strangulation. The product will give the user a great opportunity to individualize their stethoscope to show their passion and personality in a sea of scrubs.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Julie Karand

Presentation Time: 3:00 – 3:30

Room #: Auditorium 125