Engineering Design Celebration

Team Detail

205: Design of a sensor and alert system for pressure sore detection in individuals wearing casts

Team Members:

Helen Wilson, Marc Henriksen, Gavin McDonnell, Tatenda Mlambo, Karissa Kowlessar

Sponsor: UD Innovation Health & Design Lab

Sponsor Description: 

The primary mission of the Innovation Health & Design Lab (Dr. Martha Hall, PI) is to improve health outcomes and quality of life for various patient populations through design. Our research starts with patients and empathy - we meet with members of the community to design, develop, and test wearables that will enhance patient health and overall wellbeing. Wearables include clothing, wearable technology, protective equipment, and rehabilitative or medical devices. Our goal is to design wearables that address the broad spectrum of patients' needs and to highlight the importance of patient-centered design in health sciences.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Ashutosh Khandha

Presentation Time: 5:45 – 6:15

Room #: Auditorium 125