Engineering Design Celebration

Team Detail

125: Outdoor water table for early childhood hands-on education

Team Members:

Russell Smith, Kevin Escobar, Lilah Bojanoski

Sponsor: UD Mechanical Engineering & Early Learning Center

Sponsor Description: 

The University of Delaware Early Learning Center is a collaborative learning environment where the ELC, university and community work together to provide early learning experiences to support each child, each family, professional educators and future educators. Each classroom varies to reflect the ages of the children, their unique interests and early learning practices supported through research and practice. As leaders of exceptional practices in early childhood education, we celebrate and honor each child and their family to promote optimal development for all. We design engaging environments with children where learning is fostered through play and inquiry, conversations, and discovery. Engagement and collaboration with the academic and research programs of the University of Delaware and the broader community promotes innovative and reflective practices.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Tyler Van Buren

Presentation Time: 3:15 – 3:45

Room #: Auditorium 128