Engineering Design Celebration

Team Detail

124: Actuated wave paddle system for educational wave flume

Team Members:

Samuel Goetz, Abir Quabili, Benjamin Marchesani, John Waring, Jakub Rawecki

Sponsor: UD Civil Engineering: Puleo Lab

Sponsor Description: 

The University of Delaware's Center for Applied Coastal Research is an interdisciplinary research center that creates and disseminates coastal processes knowledge to enhance the welfare of residents near coastlines along Delaware, the United States and beyond. Dr. Jack Puleo is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and a Principal Investigator in the Center for Applied Coastal Research. Dr. Puleo and his group focus on sediment transport in nearshore environments as well as a range of other research projects related to inlets, remote sensing of coastal and riverine processes, wetlands, object motion on beaches and beach safety. Dr. Puleo is also very involved in community outreach that enhances the general public's appreciation for an understanding of coastal environments.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. David Burris

Presentation Time: 5:45 – 6:15

Room #: Room 120