Engineering Design Celebration

Team Detail

111: Certa-Lok® Field Grooving Tool

Team Members:

Ethan Bishop, Ryan Singh, Matthew Walton, Richard Joyce

Sponsor: NAPCO Pipe & Fittings

Sponsor Description: 

NAPCO, a Westlake company, is a leading polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe manufacturer across North America. Founded in 1992, NAPCO supplies a broad range of gasketed, solvent welded, and restrained joint pipes for a diverse range of markets including municipal water and sewer, residential plumbing, water well, agricultural irrigation, turf and mining. NAPCO offers a large selection of standard and specialty piping, and fittings; including brands such as Certa-Lok®, Yelomine®, Certa-Set® and Certa-Flo®.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. David McKee

Presentation Time: 4:30 – 5:00

Room #: Room 101B