Engineering Design Celebration

Team Detail

104: Wearable Tracheostomy Care Simulator for Medical Education

Team Members:

Sarah Green, Sarah Bailey, Vishnusundar Somasundaram, Meghan Desmond, Khalil Darouchi

Sponsor: Avkin

Sponsor Description: 

Avkin imagines, discovers, creates and refines wearable technology and teaching methodology that enhances the authenticity of health care simulation, improves learning outcomes and transforms the patient experience. Avkin develops technology worn by actors to simulate patients with complex impairments. Avkin was founded 5 years ago by Amy Cowperthwait, a nursing instructor from the University of Delaware. Most of Avkin’s products in development and on the market have been created through the University of Delaware Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Senior Design.

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Jenni Buckley

Presentation Time: 4:45 – 5:15

Room #: Auditorium 128