Madison Gac

Major: Civil engineering

Minors: Sustainable infrastructure and geological sciences

Graduation Year: 2023

Hometown: Bear, DE

Madison Gac

Q: Why did you choose your major?

Gac: I chose civil engineering so I could focus on structures and go into bridge engineering professionally. I’ve always been fascinated that we are able to build bridges and want to be able to contribute to that field. I’m just drawn in by the fascination and can’t see myself doing anything else professionally.

Q: How have you spent the past year as an undergrad?

Gac: My past year as an undergrad has been focusing on taking structures-focused classes and working on my research project pertaining to coastal infrastructure. My project started with assessing buildings in Slaughter Beach, Delaware, but for my grad school applications I am taking it more towards the bridge route and will be assessing them for their fragility from anticipated increased water forces

Q: What is your favorite course or who is your favorite instructor?

Gac: My favorite courses have been anything structures-related taught by Dr. Allen Jayne. He teaches a lot of the structural courses, which is what I want to get my master’s degree in and find I enjoy the most.

Q: Have you done any summer research on campus? If so, what did you work on?

Gac: I have been a Summer Scholar for the past two summers where I worked on my project about flood risk for coastal infrastructure.

Q: What’s your favorite study location or hang-out spot?

Gac: My favorite study location/hangout spot is Club Morris or somewhere hidden in DuPont.

Q: Tell us about your experience with any extracurriculars outside of the classroom.

Gac: I am the apparel chair for club tennis! I love flexing my creative muscles as apparel chair and getting to know new people.

Q: What is your dream job?

Gac: My dream job is to be a bridge engineer. I envision my job being flexible with part design work in the office and part trips to sites. Focusing on anything bridge related will be a dream come true.

Q: What has been your favorite Delaware experience?

Gac: Being from Delaware, my favorite experiences have been spending time outside, whether it’s at a state park or the beach.

Q: What advice do you have for new students?

Gac: My advice for new students is to not be afraid to put yourself out there! Join clubs or things you’re interested in and you can meet people who share your passions or interests.