Caitlin Iannetta

Major: Materials science and engineering; minor in management information systems

Graduation Year: 2023; 2024 with a master’s degree

Hometown: Perkasie, PA

Caitlin Iannetta

Q: Why did you choose to become an engineer?

Ianetta: I began as a chemistry major, but quickly realized I wanted more flexibility and choices when it came to pursuing a future career. I have always been interested in the STEM field, but materials science and engineering gives me so much freedom and diversity within science and engineering when it comes to finding a job and a passion that really excites me. Materials are everywhere and are always evolving. Materials science and engineering allows me to problem-solve, act as an innovative thinker and apply material fundamentals to real-world applications.

Q: Tell us about your experience with any extracurriculars and other experiences on campus outside of the classroom?

Ianetta: Throughout my undergraduate years at UD I have tried my best to get involved in as much as possible and try out as many different extracurriculars as possible. Currently, I am an active member of the Alpha Delta Pi chapter here on campus and served as the director of public relations as well as accreditation chair. I am also co-president of the Special Olympics club here at UD. In addition to my extracurriculars, I like to stay active by participating in campus recreational sports through the intramural leagues offered by the Little Bob Gym.

Q: What is your dream job?

Ianetta: My dream job is one that combines my passion for science, engineering and technology with my drive to help others. I am looking for a position that challenges me, gives me the opportunity to grow and build on my existing skills. I would love to hold a position that contributes to the advancement of global health whether that be through biopharmaceuticals, medical devices or biomaterial study. In addition, my dream job includes a positive work-life balance in which I can productively communicate and problem solve with other like-minded individuals.

Q: What has been your favorite Newark experience outside of college?

Ianetta: My favorite part about being a student here at UD is all the amazing people I have met and the lifelong friendships I have made. I have met so many genuine people all with different backgrounds, from different places and different interests. My UD friends mean the world to me and my experiences in Newark would not be the same without them.

Q: What advice do you have for new students?

Ianetta: Don’t hesitate to get involved. Throughout my undergraduate experience there have been times I have hesitated to participate in something because of the amount of stress I was under. As a new student, you can avoid this stress by practicing good time management. School always comes first, but don’t forget to try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Apply for new positions within your extracurricular activities, conduct research with your favorite professor, or reach out to classmates to study together.

In addition, my advice is to get help when needed, don’t be afraid. In my early years of undergrad, I was sometimes nervous or embarrassed to seek help from professors or TAs because I felt like other students were strides ahead of me and didn’t need that additional help. It is necessary to realize that all students learn at different paces.

Attending office hours is so useful to better understand the material or revisit something you didn’t quite understand the first time. Ultimately, professors and TAs are there to help you, so use them, you never know you might form a great connection!