Senior Engineering Sponsor Night

Tuesday, August 30th, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

A Virtual Event, Open to Students, Faculty, & Sponsors

Welcome to 2022 Sponsor Night!

The University of Delaware’s Senior Engineering Design kicks off with Sponsor Night, a virtual networking event where students meet with project sponsors. This year we are excited to have 37 different sponsors from industry, academia, and clinical practice. Together with our three student competition teams (FSAE, ASAE, and DOE Wind), we are offering students the chance to participate in one of 47 different projects. The University of Delaware boasts one of the premier capstone engineering design programs in the country, and we could not do it without our sponsors. We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors for providing real-world challenges for our students.

Sponsor Night Virtual Event
Open to Students, Faculty, & Sponsors
Tuesday, August 30th, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

  • Sponsor Registration: 5:00 – 5:15 p.m.
  • Networking Event: 5:15 – 6:30 p.m.
  • Student Bid Sheet Submission Deadline: 7:00 p.m.

Join the Event via Zoom link associated with your project(s) of interest.

ON-DEMAND SUPPORT: If you require support during the event, please contact Elaine Nelson (, Ashutosh Khandha (, or Jenni Buckley ( We will be closely monitoring emails during the event and can assist with troubleshooting.


Group A

Zoom Host: Adam Wickenheiser
Zoom Link:

Project IDProject TitleSponsor
101Training model for a minimally invasive procedure for the left heart pathologyAbbott
102Improved Slurry Addition DeviceAgilent Technologies, Newport Production Site
103Data-driven Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study on hydrogen safetyAir Liquide
104Optimization of aircraft engine cowlingAndrew Meyer (Engineer, Northrop Grumman)
105EDM Fatigue Testing MachineASML
106Wearable Postpartum Hemorrhage Healthcare SimulatorAvkin
107Water System Calibration Process ImprovementBloom Energy
108Dielectric Leak Tester ProjectBloom Energy
109Sonic Vibration System for Molded ChocolateCHL Systems
110Combine feeder crop sample doorCNH Industrial
111Mechanism to Control Placement of a Color Measuring Instrument on a SampleDatacolor
300UD Aero SAEUD Mechanical Engineering
400UD Formula SAEUD Mechanical Engineering
500DOE Wind Competition Team (Piasecki Sponsored)UD Mechanical Engineering


Group B

Zoom Host: Jenni Buckley
Zoom Link:

Project IDProject TitleSponsor
112Thickness Uniformity Measurement Set-up for CVD Diamond WafersApplied Diamond
113Design and Fabrication of Drone Bodies & PropellersDowAksa
114Multi-Station Creep Testing EquipmentDuPont
115Golf Ball-Club Impact ReplicatorFujikura
116Improved Suture Diameter Measurement FixtureJ&J - Ethicon Inc
117Robotic Joint Characterization for Next Gen Surgical RobotJ&J - Ethicon Inc
118Automated Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) measurement systemKeurig Dr Pepper
119EDM Autofill AttachmentKVI Inc
120Play Center RedesignMelissa & Doug Toys
121Filler and Capper for CirkulNorwalt Design
122TrimPAC EZ Static EliminationPrecision Air Convey


Group C

Zoom Host: Sarah Rooney
Zoom Link:

Project IDProject TitleSponsor
123Bulk System Fluids Bottle Stopper/Crimp Assembly AutomationSiemens Healthcare Diagnostics (Kegelman)
124Liquid Waste Vacuum SeparatorSiemens Healthcare Diagnostics (Dunfee)
125Plier Mechanical Advantage and Cut Force TesterStanley Black & Decker: Hand Tools & Storage Division
126Build-A-ClampStanley Black & Decker: Hand Tools & Storage Division
127High performance quiet dustbuster hand vacuumStanley Black & Decker: SBD Division
128Mechanical separation of darkling beetles from poultry litter prior to field applicationUD Agricultural Entomology Lab
129Redesign of a training device to ensure humane euthanasia for avian speciesUD Agriculture: Brian Ladman
130Soil Surface Displacement SensorsUD Plant & Soil Sciences: Erin Sparks
131Smart SkinsUnder Armour
132Scrape Abrasion Testing on Insulated WiringW.L.Gore
133NASA turbulent flow experiment for the International Space StationUD Mechanical Engineering: Van Buren Lab


Group D

Zoom Host: Julie Karand
Zoom Link:

Project IDProject TitleSponsor
201Development and optimization of a low cost motion capture system to analyze joint kinematics during martial artsNemours
202Design of an adaptable device to help bicycle steering with one hand for children with congenital below-elbow amputationNemours
203Design of a mechanical device to assist patients suffering from respiratory problemsUniversity of Cape Town
204Frugal Emergency Oxygen CanAir Liquide
205External Knee Loading PlatformUD BME: Axel Moore
206Design and development of athletic protective equipment to prevent hand fracturesUD Athletics: Brandon DeSantis
207Design and optimization of a post-amputation therapy deviceTheraV
208Design of an adaptor system to make existing breast pumps reusable and prevent contaminationNemours
209Design of a safe feed alarm system to prevent Sudden Infant Death SyndromeNemours
210Portable Impact Tester for Medical Device PackagingTerumo
211Catheter with Variable Torsion & Bending CapabilitiesTerumo