Senior Engineering Sponsor Night

Tuesday, August 29th, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

A Virtual Event, Open to Students, Faculty, & Sponsors

Welcome to 2023 Sponsor Night!

The University of Delaware’s Senior Engineering Design kicks off with Sponsor Night, a virtual networking event where students meet with project sponsors. This year we are excited to have 39 different sponsors from industry, academia, and clinical practice. Together with our three student competition teams (FSAE, ASAE, and DOE Wind), we are offering students the chance to participate in one of 48 different projects. The University of Delaware boasts one of the premier capstone engineering design programs in the country, and we could not do it without our sponsors. We are incredibly grateful to all our sponsors for providing real-world challenges for our students.

Sponsor Night Virtual Event
Open to Students, Faculty, & Sponsors
Tuesday, August 29th, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

  • Sponsor Registration: 5:00 – 5:15 p.m.
  • Networking Event: 5:15 – 6:30 p.m.
  • Student Bid Sheet Submission Deadline: 7:00 p.m.

Join the Event via Zoom link associated with your project(s) of interest.

ON-DEMAND SUPPORT: If you require support during the event, please contact Elaine Nelson (, Sarah Rooney (, or Alex De Rosa ( We will be closely monitoring emails during the event and can assist with troubleshooting.


Group A

Zoom Host: Adam Wickenheiser
Zoom Link:

Project IDProject TitleSponsor
101Control arm for transcatheter medical deviceAbbott
102Performance evaluation of a new concept firefighting nozzleAir Liquide
103Optimization of aircraft engine inlet and bafflingAndrew Meyer (Engineer, Northrop Grumman)
104Semiconductor Bearing Lifetime TesterASML
105Wearable C-Section (Cesarean Section) Healthcare SimulatorAvkin (formerly SimUcare)
106Powder Insulation Removal Process ImprovementBloom Energy
107Automated Sample Preparation ApparatusChemours
108Reusable Sharps Opening Tools/Equipment SystemChoice MedWaste
109Variable Speed Round Baler PickupCNH Industrial
110Unattended Laser Therapy DeliveryEnovis
111Tribological test system for rotary bearingsGGB North America
112Sleep Support Sound SystemHeart Works for Life LLC
113Compact Mechanical Test Frame for Biomechanics Educational OutreachThe Perry Initiative
114Automated Cup StagingKeurig Dr Pepper
115Assessing Suitability of Skid Frame Designs for Robotic WeldingM.Davis & Sons
300UD Aero SAEUD Mechanical Engineering


Group B

Zoom Host: Alexander De Rosa
Zoom Link:

Project IDProject TitleSponsor
116Synthetic, Sensor-Embedded Moon Rock Design and Manufacturing for Testing ApplicationsNASA
117Standard gripper creation for pick and place roboticsNorwalt Design
118Modernizing Piping and Instrumentation for Aerospace Application of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Propulsion SystemsPiasecki Aircraft Corporation
119Design and development of a manually adjustable transmissionStanley Black & Decker: Hand Tools & Storage Division
120Design and development of math model & fixture to evaluate blade holding force of a slidelock.Stanley Black & Decker: Hand Tools & Storage Division
121Educational Lab Development for Heat TransferUD Mechanical Engineering
122In Field Dynamic Monitoring of Plant MovementUD Plant & Soil Sciences
123A low-cost mobile robot on a center pivot/linear move for precision plant phenotyping and irrigation managementUD Plant & Soil Sciences
124Counterweight Rigging Encoder for relaying the position information of flying projection surfacesUD Theater Dept
125Instron Sneaker FixtureUnder Armour
126Dynamic Flex Test for CableW.L.Gore
127Solvent Level MonitoringWaters Corporation
128Rotating 360 degree Sports Net/Goal with Locking FunctionFuGoal LLC
500UD DOE Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC)UD Mechanical Engineering


Group C

Zoom Host: Julie Karand
Zoom Link:

Project IDProject TitleSponsor
201Invasive monitoring of arterial blood pressureUD Engineering Driven Health
202Pediatric Venipuncture Vibration-Assisted Needle Device (VAND)Nemours & Jefferson
203Pacifier-Based Salivary Lead TesterNemours & Jefferson
204Inflatable Lift DeviceJenner's Pond Simpson Community
205Reusable Tool for Advanced Medical Device ManufacturingTerumo Medical Corporation
206Fatigue/wear abrasion testing apparatus for prosthetic hook/terminal device.Marins Med LLC
207Groin Injury ProtectionUD Athletics
208Drinking Cup for Palliative Care PatientsGroote Schuur Hospital and Heideveld Community Clinic,
209Fatigue Alarm EyewearNemours
210Low-cost motion capture system to analyze joint kinematics during martial arts.Nemours
211Drag and Lift Geriatric Lift DeviceJenner's Pond Simpson Community