The University of Delaware’s Winter Session registration is now open for any student who wants to make their winter ‘count’ by earning credits during break. Winter Session, the five-week term between fall and spring semesters, gives students the opportunity to earn up to seven credits in a condensed format.

Approximately 500 undergraduate and 50 graduate courses are available during the day or evening on a wide variety of topics. There are also online classes that can be taken anywhere a student may be.

College of Engineering Winter Session Courses

Biomedical Engineering

BMEG 350 Clinical Engineering

BMEG 366 Independent Study

BMEG 466 Independent Study

Civil & Environmental Engineering

CIEG 351 Transportation Engineering

CIEG 367 Seminar: CAD App Civil & Environmental Engineering

CIEG 402 Intro to Sustainable Principles

CIEG 486 Engineering Project Management

CIEG 492 International Construction

CIEG 680 Coastal Processes

Computer Engineering

CPEG 366 Independent Study

CPEG 466 Independent Study

CPEG 467 Seminar: Internet of Things

CPEG 869 Master’s Thesis

Mechanical Engineering

MEEG 366  Independent Study

MEEG 442 Introduction to Fuel Cells

MEEG 467 Seminar: Topics in Modeling/Biosystems

MEEG 467 Seminar: Engineering in Motorsports

MEEG 616 Composite Materials Structures

MEEG 642 Introduction to Fuel Cells

MEEG 667 Seminar: Topics in Modeling/Biosystems

MEEG 811 Sandwich Structures

MEEG 818 Plates & Shells in Aerospace Structures I

MEEG 819 Plates & Shells in Aerospace Structures II

Materials Science & Engineering

MSEG 302 Materials Science for Engineers

Chemical Engineering

CHEG 420 Biochemical Engineering

CHEG 467 Seminar: Product Engineering

CHEG 608 Intro to Particle Technology

CHEG 684 Particle Technology Internship

Computer & Information Sciences

CISC 101 Principles of Computing

CISC 355 Computers, Ethics and Society

CISC 357 Engaging Youth in Computing

CISC 366 Independent Study

CISC 374 Educational Game Development

CISC 466 Independent Study

CISC 699 Graduate Internship

CISC 969 Doctoral Dissertation

Electrical Engineering

ELEG 366 Independent Study

ELEG 466 Independent Study

ELEG 467 Seminar: Digital Photography

ELEG 622 Electronic Materials Processing

ELEG 640 Opto-electronics

ELEG 666 Special Problem

ELEG 842 RF & Microwave Technology

ELEG 853 Integrated Optics

ELEG 855 Microwave/Millimeter-wave Tech

ELEG 866 Special Problem

ELEG868 Research

ELEG 869 Master’s Thesis

ELEG 969 Doctoral Dissertation