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About Art in Science

Art in Science highlights cutting-edge research across disciplines—engineering, biological sciences, chemistry, art preservation and more—at the University of Delaware.

Through art, we aim to engage and educate the local community about the research taking place at the University of Delaware and its potential impact on local, national, and international communities. We hope to instill a sense of pride and connection between the University and local residents. We also include students from local schools to spark interest in STEM education, especially among underrepresented student populations.

Art in Science is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and UD’s College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, and Department of Biomedical Engineering. 


Blog Posts

Art in Science is a go!

We are pleased to announce that we have a finalized date and location for the Art in Science symposium : April 16th 2016, 12-5 pm, ISE Laboratories. Submissions will be opening soon. Additionally, to help create excitement for our symposium, we are happy to announce a...

Ted Talk: Louie Schwartzberg – Hidden Miracles of the Natural World

The intersection of art and science is nicely illustrated in this video. Artful rendering of scientific knowledge is an invaluable tool for communicating what we know. From simple diagrams in elementary school textbooks to the amazing visuals in this video, art plays...


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