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About Art in Science

Art in Science highlights cutting-edge research across disciplines—engineering, biological sciences, chemistry, art preservation and more—at the University of Delaware.

Through art, we aim to engage and educate the local community about the research taking place at the University of Delaware and its potential impact on local, national, and international communities. We hope to instill a sense of pride and connection between the University and local residents. We also include students from local schools to spark interest in STEM education, especially among underrepresented student populations.

Art in Science is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and UD’s College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, and Department of Biomedical Engineering. 


Call for Submissions

Submission Deadline

March 2, 2020

Enter your original image conveying your research within any field of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

The top 50 images will be printed and displayed as part of the Art in Science 2020 Exhibit.

All UD students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate.

Blog Posts

Delaware First Features Art in Science

Once again Art in Science is leaving it’s blueprint bit by bit. This time we had a few pieces of art that were featured on canvases at Delaware First Campaign and the UD Presidential Campaign Launch. Our artwork is quite novel, the way we’re displaying our research...

The Ghost in the Lab Dish

One of the artwork from this year’s Art in Science was featured in the NIH Director’s Blog! Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Collin’s post. “As Halloween approaches, lots of kids and kids-at-heart will be watching out for ghosts and goblins. So, to help meet the seasonal...

Crystallization: The Beauty of Organization

Even though it is now March, there is still one last chance of a snowstorm. To compensate, salt is sprinkled onto the roads. While salt and snow appear to be adversaries in this scenario, they also have similarities – the characteristic this post will focus on today...

Smaller than Stippling: Quantum Dots

With an article out in UDaily, we are connecting the last of the dots in putting Art in Science together. Dot Techniques in Art Dots are featured in many different art techniques.The dot technique that may be the most familiar is the Ben-Day dots most frequently seen...

Green Fluorescent Protein: Illuminating Molecular Level Processes

We are incentivizing entries in Art in Science by offering a monetary prize – and who doesn’t love a good prize? Specifically speaking, who doesn’t love the Nobel Prize? In 2008, Martin Chalfie, Osamu Shimomura, and Roger Tsien won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the...

Science in Art: Dichroic Glass

As with any good event, we hope to have open communication while hosting Art in Science. In short, we will do our best to maintain transparency- and what in our lives is iconic for being transparent so much as glass? Glass is a material that has a wide variety of...


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