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Student Development and Support encompasses the development and delivery of information regarding educational support, career development and overall student success and is housed in the Office of Engineering Academic Affairs (OEAA).

Undergraduate Support

Internships & Career Services

The Bank of America Career Services Center (CSC) connects engineering students with internship opportunities and high-quality career services. The College of Engineering fully supports this mission and works with the CSC staff to ensure that the services and resources offered meet the evolving needs of our current students and alumni. Internships take place during the summers following the sophomore and junior years or during the fall or spring semesters. It is common for engineering students to complete internships at more than one company, and students frequently complete additional intern work during the five-week winter session between the fall and spring semesters. Because the internships occur during the summer or winter sessions, engineering students still have the opportunity to complete their degree in four years. For additional information, visit the Career Services Center.

Undergraduate Research

Research apprenticeships with faculty mentors give talented, motivated University of Delaware undergraduates a chance to see and take part in what is happening on the front lines of discovery at UD today. Explore the many challenging options you have for bringing learning to life.

Educational Support & Opportunities

The Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) houses undergraduate and pre-college programs, services, and activities—all with the goal of increasing academic success. Of particular interest to this unit is the retention of low-income/first-generation college students, university freshmen, undergraduate and graduate students with diagnosed learning disabilities and ADHD, and selected underrepresented scholars; however, other matriculated students are encouraged to come for assistance. In addition, students who consider themselves stronger academically will find support services to maximize their academic experience and better prepare them for graduate school. The College of Engineering fully supports this mission and works with the AEC staff to ensure that the services and resources offered meet the evolving needs of our current students. We believe that AEC is an unparalleled resource to assist UD students develop and maximize strategies for academic success.

Financial Support & Scholarships

The University of Delaware awards more than $90 million annually in aid. Our Campus commitment to making a University of Delaware education affordable is evidenced by the reasonable tuition for in-state and out-of-state students and in a variety of scholarships, financial aid programs, and financing plans. The College of Engineering supports the Campus commitment of educational affordability by leveraging University scholarships and aid with other College-based funds where appropriate. In this way, we can continue to provide access to a quality engineering education to a broad spectrum of qualified students.

RISE Program

Established in UD’s College of Engineering in 1972 as one of the nation’s earliest and most successful minority engineering programs, The Resources to Inspire Successful Engineers (RISE) Program identifies academically talented minority students as well as others, and provides a supportive atmosphere to enhance their success in attaining an engineering degree. RISE students are provided with the supportive services that they may need to be academically and professionally successful.

Educational Opportunities

Station1 Frontiers Fellowship (SFF) – Summer 2020. Are you a bold and creative thinker and an aspiring changemaker who is passionate about applying science and technology to create a more equitable, creative, prosperous, and sustainable world?

Apply to Be A 2020 Station1 Fellow!

We invite you to apply to be in the summer 2020 cohort and participate in the Station1 Frontiers Fellowship (SFF) – a unique and exciting ten week residential science and technology-focused educational, research, and internship summer program with a focus on societal perspective, social innovation, and impact in the Boston region of Massachusetts in the USA.

  • As a Station1 Fellow You Will:
     Receive all expenses paid including a competitive living expenses stipend, housing costs, a stipend for transportation to and from Station1, commuting transportation costs to and from internships, and instructional costs;
  • Gain authentic, hands-on experience through an internship in a leading science and technology company or academic research laboratory;
  • Participate in exciting, state-of-the-art research and development project in science and technology; Station1 supports projects across all of STEM majors including areas such as biotechnology, clean technologies and sustainability, agricultural technologies, civic technologies, aeronautics and astronautics, advanced manufacturing, 3D printing and digital automation, nanoscale materials design, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and more;
  • Engage with a shared curriculum, unique in the nation and the world, focused on socially-directed STEM education and research which draws together critical perspectives on history, social studies of science and technology, equity, inclusion, sociotechnical studies of computation, social change and innovation, sustainability, and ethics of science and technology;
  • Gain interdisciplinary experience by interacting with guest instructors and mentors from a diversity of fields;
  • Gain personal and professional experience through both the internship and a formal curriculum that focuses on areas such as: intercultural knowledge, inclusive leadership and collaboration, multi-modal communication, and more;
  • Have access to a creative co-working, collaboration, and learning space;
  • Receive information and guidance on academic and career pathways including graduate school; and
  • As a Station1 fellow alumni, become part of a network of exceptional professionals in the Station1 community beyond completion of the program.

Quotes from the Station1 Fellow Alumni

“Station1 was everything I hoped for it to be. Amazing people, great internship and honestly the one environment I felt understood throughout the 23 years that I have been alive. Thank you guys for everything, I’ll never forget you.”

“Station1 was a life-changing experience. I never imagined I would have tears coming down my cheeks when saying goodbye to my mentors, instructors, and fellows. They became my family and my home away from home. Thanks to my internship, I gained significantly hands-on skills that would be crucial for my career path. The curriculum at Station1 helped me to expand my horizons and to think deeply about all the connotations of technology and innovation. I now feel confident to seize every opportunity that comes my way and to always say, “Why not?” instead of “I cannot because…”

“The mentorship, community norms, and atmosphere at my internship was impeccable. I had a wonderful experience there working on approachable challenges that allowed me to build my confidence as an engineer that will help me when working at future opportunities.”

“My internship contained all the important aspects of a fulfilling research internship. It started with a critical review and took off from there. I was able to share my ideas both with my co-intern as well as my mentor. I felt like my ideas mattered and was able to adjust my research and protocol accordingly. I couldn’t imagine an internship without the support I received.”

“It was amazing being taught subjects that really run the spectrum while also discussing and collaborating with my peers. It kept me going through all these weeks getting to see and interact with everyone every Monday and Wednesday. I loved it.”

“The shared curriculum stimulated my professional growth in a way that I never thought it would. From the guest speakers, the assigned readings, LeaderShape, and the research activities I gained information and knowledge that make me a leader, a better professional, and undoubtedly a better potential engineer. I became able to differentiate equality and equity, and I got a good sense of the importance of equity in design. Overall, what I learned from this experience will accompany me throughout my life, especially in my academic and professional journey. They will serve as a reminder each time I think to give up when I face difficulties. Also, this experience represents a stimulus of engagement to me, a call to action that will awake my consciousness to contribute in making the planet a better place for human beings to live.”

“The Station1 curriculum targeted many aspects of my personal and professional life. As a scientist, it guided me to connect my research to relevant social issues. As a researcher, it gave me tools to approach my questions, succeed in a work environment and think in a broad perspective. As a person, I got to connect with fellows from around the country who share my motivation to impact society through research.”

“Station1 and this summer, as a result, has been a life-changing experience. The Instructors gave me the space to be creative, think deeply, and make calculated goals and aspirations to be a future leader in a wide array of disciplines. They helped me embrace my true passion for helping people in urban communities and gave me the advice to be the leader and trailblazer in equitable education and policy. I will always remember this experience as one that changed my career trajectory forever and I couldn’t be more honored to have been selected for such a once in a lifetime opportunity. I only hope something like this can be offered to more students of color and those of disadvantaged backgrounds to help others find their true passions and be the socially driven leaders of the future. Thank you for everything.”



STEM funding opportunities-The Institute for Broadening Participation
Undergraduate Scholarships — 30+ opportunities from a variety of private and federal funders for students pursuing STEM
Graduate Funding for Masters Students — 40+ funding opportunities for Masters-level students in STEM
Graduate Funding for PhD Students — 40+ funding opportunities including funding from NSF, NASA, and NIH.
How to build a strong application.


MIT Lincoln Laboratory Research Program: MIT Lincoln Laboratory actively recruits individuals pursuing BS, MS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, and to a limited degree, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, Biology, Chemistry, Meteorology and Materials Science. Candidates should have an interest and ability to work on a broad range of technical problems in a team environment and possess strong problem-solving, analytical, innovative, communications, and teaming skills. Due to our contracts with the Department of Defense employment at MIT Lincoln Laboratory requires U.S. citizenship. >> Eligibility requirements, program details, and the application process
Posted: 9/7/18


Scholarship Opportunities

Walter Stark Scholar Award: Presented annually to a University of Delaware freshman or sophomore in any major, including University Studies, who meets each of the following criteria: Delaware resident; first in his or her immediate family to attend a four-year college or university; has a demonstrated financial need; and is in good academic standing by current University policy (not on probation). Walter Stark Scholar Award application
Application Deadline: 3/01/2019

Graduate Support

Research Centers

The College of Engineering houses more than a dozen college-based research centers and participate in a variety of university-based centers and institutes.

Office of Graduate Studies

A major research university with activities under way on every continent, UD is proud to educate the finest students in the world. More than 3,600 graduate students are enrolled in the more than 160 graduate and professional degree programs offered at UD.

GEM Program

GEM is a network of leading corporations, government laboratories, top universities, and top research institutions that enables qualified students from underrepresented communities to pursue graduate education in applied science and engineering.

Women in Engineering Program

The Women in Engineering (WIE) group at the University of Delaware hosts events over the course of the year to build community among all UD engineers, male and female.


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