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Kathleen M. Balthis
Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Louise Bank
Outreach Specialist, Professional Engineering Outreach
Heather A. Barron
Sr. Associate Director, Development
Nancy L. Bickings
Administrative Assistant II
Kim Bothi
Director, Global Engineering
Ken Bright
Anita Brown
Manager, Procurement & Financial Processing
Michele L. Brown
Administrative Assistant III, Undergraduate Services
Trevor Buttrey
Computing Support Specialist II – Support Specialist
James M. Byrnes
System Programmer IV
Tyrese Cason
Human Resources Assistant
Ben Chapman
Computing Support Specialist II – Service Desk Manager
Deavon Church
Computing Support Specialist II – Support Specialist
Cinnell Clark-Tolson
Administrative Assistant III, Student Development & Support
L. Pamela Cook
Associate Dean Faculty Affairs
Michelle Cooper
Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Rachel Davidson
Associate Dean for Diversity
Sheldon Demby
Computing Support Specialist I – Support Specialist
Mark Dobbins
Manager, Engineering Business Office
Leah Dodd
Digital Communications Specialist
Matt Evans
Associate Director, Development
Matt Fahringer
Jennifer Gaydos
Supervisor, Grants Administration, Pre-Award
Kristian Graves
Assistant Vice President, Regional and Global Programs
Kimberley Green
Sr. Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Rebecca Gregan
Human Resources Generalist
Vicki Grypa
Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Tonya Guy-Cardwell
Brenda Jackson
Financial Processor
Doug Jay
Technology Support Specialist I - Service Desk Technician
Michele Jennings
Sr. Sponsored Research Accountant
Marianne T. Johnson
Academic Program Manager, Student Development & Support
Melissa A. Jurist
Academic Program Manager, K-12 Engineering Outreach
Theresa M. Kalesse
Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Affairs
Joel Kolb
IT Systems Support Consultant III – Systems Administrator
Julius Korley
Director, Entrepreneurship
Katie Lakofsky
Director, Professional Engineering Outreach
Susan G. LaMedica
Assistant Director, Donor Relations
Al Lance
Ann Lewandowski
Director, Communications
Crystal B. Maccari
Administrative Specialist
Kelly Maguire
Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Deirdre Martin
David C. Martin
Associate Dean, Research and Entrepreneurship
Michael E. Matthews
Senior Business Officer
Elizabeth Ashley Mestro
Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Esther Michieka
Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Joy Mintzer
Sr. Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Laura Mohr
Manager, Budget & Planning
Nicole Boudreau Murphy
Sr. Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Nadine Neiger
Administrative Assistant, Professional Engineering Outreach
Alaina K. Norvell
Administrative Assistant III
Joseph Pfister
Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Alan Price
Senior Lab Technician
Janna B. Rhodes
Administrative Assistant III, K-12 Engineering Outreach
Jeff Ricketts
Vicki Rydlewski
Sr. Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Brian Saint
Assistant Director, Engineering Facilities Planning
Jordan Sarver
Supervisor, Grants Administration, Post-Award
F. Charles Shermeyer
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Services
Chrissy Shinn
Human Resources Manager
Joy Smoker
Julie Stewart
Communications Specialist II
Maria Taylor
Director, Engineering Facilities Planning
Levi T. Thompson
Matthew Toner
IT Systems Support Consultant III – Systems Administrator
Seth Turner
Director, College Computing Operations
Michael L. Vaughan
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Kimberly Williams
Human Resources Assistant
John Yoo
Joann Zaloga
Susan Zatto
Coordinator, Events & Data Management