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Examining Microbes Under a New Lens

A team of researchers from the University of Delaware have uncovered that about 40 percent of Chesapeake Bay bacteria utilize sunlight as a source of supplemental energy.

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Best In Class

Sarah Rooney won the Biomedical Engineering Teaching Award from the American Society for Engineering Education.

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Science At The Surface

Anderson Janotti, an assistant professor in materials science and engineering, models the surfaces of advanced electronic materials.

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Balancing Act

Chemical engineering student recognized for interests outside the classroom and laboratory

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Achieving A Balance of Power

A UD research team solved the 6 degree-of-freedom segmental power imbalance in human movement, an important mathematical discrepancy in biomechanics.

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New Process Turns Wood Scraps Into Tape

A team of engineers at the University of Delaware has developed a novel process to make tape out of a major component of trees and plants called lignin—a substance paper manufacturers typically discard.

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