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April 4: Making sense of data on networks

Antonio Ortega, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Southern California, will lecture on graph signal processing at the University of Delaware’s Mitchell Hall Auditorium on April 4 at 3:30 p.m.

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April 6: A changing computing landscape

In the field of computer science, there is a growing emphasis on convergence—a means of problem-solving that deeply integrates expertise from across disciplines. A rising star in the scientific world of convergence will speak at UD this spring.

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Programming DNA to deliver cancer drugs

DNA has an important job—it tells your cells which proteins to make. Now, a research team at UD has developed technology to program strands of DNA into switches that turn proteins on and off.

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Construction Engineering Program Launch

The University of Delaware’s newest engineering major will prepare the next generation of construction professionals with a curriculum that includes engineering foundations and business essentials.

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Celebrating women in engineering

Women have been historically underrepresented in engineering, but we look forward to the day when that is no longer true. Meanwhile, at UD, our female faculty do research that earns them citations and accolades.

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Female engineering pioneers

UD is committed to the success of women in engineering. In honor of Women’s History Month, here are just a few of the women who set the course for the engineers of today and tomorrow.

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Seeking equality in engineering

Pam Cook and Heather Doty from College of Engineering and UD ADVANCE recently collaborated on a Q&A about some of the college’s impressive accomplishments-and goals for the future.

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Smart glass

Someday we won’t need curtains or blinds on our windows, and we will be able to block out light-or let it in-with just the press of a button. At least that’s what these two UD engineers hope.

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Ready for takeoff

Kyle Panariello, a senior mechanical engineering student at the University of Delaware, was in the middle of a final exam in December when he saw a sign pressed against the door that read: WE’RE FLYING.

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