His scholarship in composites engineering started here at UD

Amod Ogale is a foremost scholar in carbon fiber processing and composites. He studies the microstructure of carbon fibers—lightweight, reinforcing materials that hold tremendous potential for applications in defense, sustainable transportation and more. For his more than three decades of contributions to the fields of fibers, films and nanocomposites, Ogale, the Dow Chemical Professor of Chemical Engineering at Clemson University and Director of the Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Films (CAEFF), was recently named a Fellow of SAMPE (the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering. He is also a Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers and the recipient of 2013 Graffin Lecturer Award from the American Carbon Society.

Ogale received his doctoral degree in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware in 1986 and got his start in composites research at UD’s Center for Composite Materials (CCM). “My experiences at the University of Delaware, including my research at CCM, definitely laid the foundation for my career,” he said. “CCM developed a model of working with companies that I utilize to this day. The research that takes place at CCM is not just theoretical work; it translates to real products.” Ogale was vice president of UD’s the newly formed SAMPE student chapter, which began during the 1984-1985 academic year and thrives at CCM to this day. He recently established a student chapter of SAMPE at Clemson and serves as advisor.