Herissa Monsalud

Major: Computer Engineering

Minor: Computer Science

Graduation Year: 2025

Hometown:  Middletown, Delaware

Pronouns: She/her

Herissa Monsalud

Q: Why did you choose to become an engineer?

Monsalud: Becoming an engineer was a natural choice for me because of my love for computers. From an early age, I found myself drawn to STEM subjects, and my fascination with computers only deepened as I continued to explore this field. I was building and upgrading computers at a young age and couldn’t see myself not being an engineer.

Q: What is your favorite course in the College of Engineering?

Monsalud: My favorite courses have been Data Structures (CISC 220) and Microprocessor Systems (CPEG 222). What made these classes particularly enjoyable for me was the opportunity to work on coding projects. In Microprocessor Systems, our final project involved coding a self-driving robot to navigate a track course. In Data Structures, our projects centered around learning and implementing various data structures.

Q: Who is your favorite instructor in the College of Engineering?

Monsalud: My favorite instructor within the College of Engineering is Professor Mark Mirotznik. What sets him apart is not just his exceptional teaching abilities, but the unique connection he builds with his students. In his class, it wasn’t just about learning the subject matter; it was also about creating an enjoyable atmosphere. My favorite memory was that he had students dance the Super Bowl shuffle at the end of the semester for extra credit (note: I was part of the group that danced).

Q: Have you done any research on campus?

Monsalud: I am currently working with the University of Delaware’s Disaster Research Center online database under my advisor, Professor Hui Fang, and with my mentor, Ph.D. student, Fumian Chen, to update their server. The server is being updated in both the back and front end to help the administrators and users to more effectively and efficiently use it by migrating the server to Elasticsearch, updating search functions, and implementing logs to prevent accidental deletion.

Q: What’s your favorite study location or hang-out spot on campus?

Monsalud: My favorite study spot on campus is the Perkins West Lounge or the Library! I love sitting in front of windows while I’m doing some work.

Q: What is your experience with other extracurriculars, study abroad, or other campus experiences outside the classroom?

Monsalud: I am currently serving on the executive board of two student organizations.

In the Filipino Student Organization, I first served as Event Coordinator and I am currently serving as the Secretary. I’ve continued to contribute to and shape the Filipino community on campus. Simultaneously, for the Women of Electrical and Computer Engineering organization I am serving on the executive board as Event Co-Chair. In this role, I’ve been instrumental in planning events fostering unity and community among female engineers. These experiences allow me to engage with diverse communities and allow me to be engaged culturally and professionally.

Furthermore, I am an integral part of the Valorant Esports team at UD, and I’m currently in my second semester with the team. I love to see the program growing with the addition of new members and an increasing number of events. Being a member of this team allows me to play competitively against other schools and opens an amazing community.

Q: What is your dream job?

Monsalud: Becoming a software engineer is my career goal. Coding has always been one of my top interests for as long as I can remember.

Q: What has been your favorite Delaware or Newark experience outside of college?

Monsalud: My favorite non-college-related experiences in Delaware revolve around spending time with friends, both within and outside the state. For instance, after a research symposium, we often reward ourselves with Korean barbeque at KPOT. Similarly, at the end of a demanding semester, we go on beach trips during the summer or cabin getaways during the winter.

Q: What advice do you have for new students?

Monsalud: Don’t worry if you’re uncertain about a career path! I switched my major from the Business school to my current major after realizing it wasn’t the right fit. It’s perfectly okay not to rush the decision. You’ll figure it out along the way.