Jesal Patel

Major: Chemical engineering

Graduation Year: 2025

Hometown: Fords, NJ

Jesal Patel

Q: Why did you choose to become an engineer?

Patel: I chose to become a chemical engineer because of the well-versed impact it could serve on the world. There are a multitude of avenues in which chemical engineering plays: Chemical engineering serves a role in medicine, biotechnology, materials, environmental issues and much more. Many of these allow for the improvement of human health as well environmental health, which are important to me.

Q: How have you spent the past year as an undergrad?

Patel: I spent the past year learning new areas of physics, chemistry, math and chemical engineering. I also joined a research group in which I spent my time under a PhD researcher assisting in his project.

Q: Who is your favorite instructor?

Patel: My favorite instructor is Dr. Spencer Axani who teaches Physics 208. His method of teaching is very unique as he teaches a very basic level of a topic and then progressively complicates the topic by doing examples along the way.

Q: Have you done any summer research on campus? If so, what did you work on?

Patel: I have been a part of the Solomon research group this past summer and this summer. I worked on the engineering of virus-like particles in order for surface functionalization.

Q: What’s your favorite study location or hang-out spot?

Patel: My favorite study location is ISE (UD Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory) as it always has open spaces and has many windows with a beautiful view of campus.

Tell us about your experience with any extracurriculars.

Patel: Outside of school I have joined a multitude of clubs such as AIChE [The American Institute of Chemical Engineers], intramural basketball and ISA [The Indian Student Association]. I also set time aside to go to the gym and bike around the beautiful campus.

Q: What is your dream job?

Patel: My dream job would be to work in a pharmaceutical company doing research and development on new drugs and therapies. I aspire to work in pharmaceuticals as I have a great interest in the ways medicine therapies behave inside the body as well as the different developments of the medicines. I really became interested in this after taking a honors colloquium class in my freshman year called “The 14 Grand Challenges of Engineering” in which I found out about the high demand of medicine that is in constant need, sparking that interest for me.

Q: What has been your favorite Delaware or Newark experience outside of college?

Patel: My favorite Delaware experience outside of college would be visiting the reservoir for the sunsets and sunrises. It is a very quiet and calming experience and is always a beautiful sight to see.

Q: What advice do you have for new students?

Patel: My advice to new students is to focus on the things you can control. Worrying about things such as a test being hard or impossible to finish are things that cannot be changed, so stressing over these things will not serve any purpose. Always work on the things you can control.