We See You


Salman Hashmi / Biological Sciences / Graduate Student
We See You
Confocal Microscopy – Portrait
Vibrissae (whiskers) are sensory organs that many mammals use for spatial navigation. In mice they begin to form in the second half of fetal development and have formed the first hair shaft (black circles) by two days prior to birth (embryonic day 16.5). This image shows that the cells surrounding the hair follicle (inner and outer hair sheath [1]) contain high concentrations of the E3 ubiquitin ligase RNF180 (Red) which promotes polyubiquitination, and thus degradation, of proteins by the proteasomal pathway [2]. The cellular anatomy of the tissue section is revealed by staining cell nuclei with a DNA binding dye (DRAQ5, Blue).


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January 10, 2019