C2C12 cell (mouse muscle cell line)

Vrathasha Vrathasha
Biological Sciences – Graduate Student
Confocal Microscopy

This is an image of a C2C12 cell (mouse muscle cell line), its nucleus and plasma/cell membrane are stained and depicted here in blue and magenta colors respectively. The cells are treated with a peptide that is known to have mineralization properties, to prove its uptake and activity within the cell it is tagged to a nano-particle fluorophore that can be excited by 488nm (green) wavelength and can be imaged using confocal microscopy. The peptide is designed to bind to a protein called Casein Kinase 2 (CK2) that is endogenous to the C2C12 cells depicted here in red. A definitive proof of an interaction between the peptide and the protein is the appearance of yellow color (at close proximity, the green emitted from the peptide mixes with the red emitted from the CK2 to produce yellow color).


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January 9, 2019