Plant Your Cellular Network Roots

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Plant Your Cellular Network Roots| Michael David and Brianna Hulbert

Biomedical Engineering – Graduate and Undergraduate
Fluorescent Microscopy with Apotome Structure – Illumination 63x Oil (Landscape)
Shown is an 8-tile grid of cartilage-like (ATDC5) cells following 72-hours of culture with no drug (top panel) and those treated with 10μM of a drug called zoledronic acid (bottom panel). ATDC5 cells were stained for f-actin (orange), microtubules (green), and the nucleus (blue). From left to right, each panel shows images of stains individually or overlaid. Together, these images to tell a complete story of zoledronic acid’s ability to disrupt the cytoskeleton (f-actin and microtubule) network and to enlarge the nucleus in ATDC5 cells.

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April 10, 2019