jellyfish nebula

Nico Carver
Library- Student Multimedia Design Center – Staff

The Jellyfish Nebula is a supernova remnant from an exploded star. It can be found in the night sky in the Gemini constellation near the star Propus, which is found in the Southern skies every winter in Delaware. I captured the data for this image over six nights in January and February with a small refracting telescope and a monochromatic digital camera. I used filters that block all light except for very specific wavelengths corresponding to H-alpha light (from hydrogen) at 656 nanometers and the light from doubly-ionized oxygen (OIII) at 500 nanometers. In total, I captured 4.5 hours of H-alpha and assigned it to the red channel and 2 hours of OIII and assigned that data to the blue channel. The green channel was a combination of the two sources. In processing the image, I aimed for relatively “natural” color while maintaining separation of the two spectral lines.


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January 9, 2019