Einstein’s Ghost

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Einstein’s Ghost | Michael Don

Electrical & Computer Engineering – Graduate Student
Chost Imaging (Portrait)
Art: Reminiscent of the pop art of Andy Warhol, Albert Einstein confronts the viewer as a massed produced symbol in kitsch culture. But the very act of acknowledging society’s tendency to simplify famous icons into consumable products, along with the distorted nature of the portraits, prompts one to reconsider the idealized image of the famous genius. Is Einstein’s ghost looking at us from beyond the grave challenging us to discover his humanity? Or does “ghost” merely refer to the imaging process, inspire by none other than Einstein himself? In Science: Stimulated by the Einstein – Podolsky -Rosen (EPR) effect, a “ghost” image can be created using quantum entangled photons without viewing the object. Later research demonstrated ghost imaging (GI) using classical optics without quantum entanglement. These homebrew ghost images were created using a low-cost projector as a structured light source and a webcam as an imager. Single-pixel measurements were simulated by summing multiple pixels. Measurements were made using Hadamard, Noiselet, or Fourier based illumination. Image reconstruction algorithms include traditional GI, differential GI, normalized GI, pseudo-inverse GI, and compressive sensing using Wavelet bases with total variation denoising.

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April 10, 2019