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Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and UD’s College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, and Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Sanford Outreach – 2019

Art and Science invited students from The Sanford School for a day of science and campus tours! The students were given tours of the facilities in the Harker Lab at UD. They specifically enjoyed seeing the scientists geared up in the NanoFab. Graduate and undergraduate students volunteered to give the students a module on how to design nanoparticles for cancer treatment. Students then made their own nanoparticles to target a specific cancer. Students were also able to examine a variety of samples under a light microscope, along with common place items they brought from home.


Serviam Outreach – Fall 2019

Art and Science volunteered with Women in Engineering with their Engineering Module at the nearby Serviam Girl’s Academy. Serviam is a tuition-free, independent Catholic middle school. Last year Art in Science lead the girls through a pendulum module. This year we discuss the concept of origami in nature and used DNA’s helical structure as an example. The girls then created their own DNA helices out of paper!


Ag Day 2019


Serviam Outreach – 2019 

Art and Science supported Women in Engineering with their Engineering Module at the nearby Serviam Girl’s Academy. Serviam is a tuition-free, independent Catholic middle school. The girls were particularly fascinated with how common everyday concepts, such as printer ink, could create incredible images, like when examined under a microscope. They were also excited to see all of the images that were created from our own women researchers. Art in Science lead the girls through a pendulum module that explained the concepts of gravity and how the displacement of pendulums is repetitive.


Tarbiyah School – 2018

Art in Science welcomed students of grades 4&5 from Tarbiyah School at the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Lab on UD campus.

The students had the opportunity to tour the entire facility as they looked at this years artwork selections. We had a great time interacting with the students. Seeing and hearing their reactions to the artwork is always so fun.

Students then learned about articular cartilage, which allows the knee joints to be friction-less and functional. Osteoarthritis of the knee starts to occur when patients have worn out or even torn and missing articular cartilages.

The students were given an arts and crafts activity where they engineered a model of the knee at healthy, unhealthy, and osteoarthritis stages out of wood blocks, sponges, and pebbles. These models were like stamps, so the students were able to make imprints of each of the stages giving them a cross sectional visualization. The students particularly were excited to create the imprints and where able to explain OA at the end of the day!

Ag Day 2018

Art in Science volunteered at Ag Day which is a community event that brings agriculture and natural resources to life at the University of Delaware. Ag Day features educational exhibits, tours, and activities that are aimed to educate everyone, from schoolchildren to homeowners, senior citizens to teenagers, about the world of agriculture and natural resources.

Art in Science contributed our images that portray science in eye-catching artistic styles aimed to get younger students interested and involved with science! We also held a demo that involved looking at leaves under the microscope to visualize the structures in higher detail.

Gravity Festival – 2017

Art in Science was ecstatic to bring our scientific images to the Gravity Art & Science Festival at Rodney Square in Wilmington Delaware. The Event highlighted art and scientific opportunities in the Delaware region with hands-on activities to engage the campers (Kindergarten through 2nd Grade) to learn about some awesome science and art. We talked to over 70 campers about the scientific images on display. The campers were enthusiastic and asked many great questions! We hope to participate in the event next year and we will hopefully have some fun learning activities of our own to enjoy!

Clarence Fraim Boys and Girls Club – 2017

Art in Science has teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware to put scientific artwork from researchers at the University of Delaware on display at the Clarence Fraim Boys and Girls Club . The partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware will help to highlight research being conducted at the University of Delaware to help engage the greater Delaware community. hope to spark the interest in STEM to bring forth a new wave of researchers, scientists, and engineers. The Art in Science Committee is excited to grow our relationship with the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware to bring our Art and Science to a wider audience.