Academic Affairs:

Associate Dean: Michael Vaughan
Manager: Marianne Johnson
Staff Assistant: Nancy Bickings
Phone: (302) 831-2403
Fax: (302) 831-8179

Engineering Ambassadors

For years, the Campus Blue Hen Ambassadors have been a familiar sight on campus, guiding groups of high school students and their parents on Campus tours, answering questions about the programs here, and generally "selling" the University. The College of Engineering has its own set of ambassadors, a group of student volunteers whose enthusiasm for the University is augmented by a passion for engineering. The Engineering Ambassadors are charged with presenting the College’s goals and mission to the Campus community as well as to visitors. In addition, our ambassadors are a valuable resource in providing feedback from the engineering student population to the College by serving as a vehicle for the College to connect with our students, another mechanism for our students to have a voice. The Engineering Ambassadors are responsible for presenting a personal but realistic and informed perspective on the College and the University to both internal and external constituencies. The College expectation is that Engineering Ambassadors will promote a positive perspective on what the College is about.

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