Diversity & Inclusion


Welcome Statement from the Associate Dean for Diversity
The UD College of Engineering is committed to broadening participation and fostering inclusion among its students, faculty, and staff. A more diverse and inclusive College supports academic excellence by expanding the talent pool we draw from, facilitating creativity and innovation, and helping us better serve a diverse society. To achieve this goal, we seek to identify and break down barriers that have systematically, though often unintentionally, inhibited full participation by all. We have a broad-based effort underway, with more than 40 faculty, staff, students actively and meaningfully engaged through four working groups focused on faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, and staff, respectively. Suggestions and questions are welcome. Please contact the appropriate group leader.

Associate Dean for Diversity

Rachel Davidson

email: rdavidso@udel.edu

Rachel Davidson

Leadership for Working Groups

Team Chart

Professor Michael Chajes, email:chajes@udel.edu

Graduate Students:
Professor Robert Opila, email:opila@udel.edu and Professor Julia Maresca, email:jmaresca@udel.edu

Undergraduate Students:
Professor Jenni Buckley, email:jbuckley@udel.edu

Christine Shinn, email:cshinn@udel.edu

University-level Partners

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